Hardwire Armor Systems

Ballistic Shields

Hardwire is drawing on its years of experience fabricating some of the military's most advanced armor solutions to assist those outside of the military. Whether it is protection for those involved in law enforcement, public service, or simply protecting your family you can rely on Hardwire Armor to get the job done.

Ultra lightweight - Heavy duty strap and handle. Also available with a viewport window.

  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • NIJ level IIIA protection
  • Lightweight
  • Multi shot protection

Ballistic Shield Shields with viewport, notched and reverse view.

Ballistic Shield Basic shield and reverse view.

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Hardwire Armor Systems

Ballistic Clipboards and Panels


  • Are you making a traffic stop?
  • Are you working a high profile public event?
  • Approaching a home to take notes from a witness?

You never know when it may happen – but it does. This clipboard will give you valuable seconds to make your move and save your life.


Weighs less than 1 lb. – about the same weight as a standard 12" x 8 ½" clipboard

  • NIJ level IIIA protection
  • Multi shot capability
  • Lightweight (Less than 1lb)
  • Protects against handguns, shotguns, and small arms fire

Ballistic Clipboards Carbon Fiber & Camoflauge pattern, strong metal clip

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Ballistic Panels

Protect your children, family or yourself from shootings in schools, malls or the work place.

Drawing on years of experience fabricating some of the military's most advanced armor solutions, Hardwire has introduced the BODYGUARD. The BODYGUARD panel is designed to fit into book bags, back packs and brief cases. The BODYGUARD provides a layer of ballistic protection from handgun fire and can stop multiple rounds.

Manufactured with Dyneema® (a high performance polyethylene fiber), this board weighs less than one pound and meets the NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic testing standards. You never want to be in a situation when you are threatened by gunfire, however, if you are, you'll have a chance with BODYGUARD covering your back.

Ballistic Panels Slide in briefcase or backpack

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News and Events


Integrated technology Systems introduce the OS-2 Officer Survival Shield

ITS is dedicated to providing law enforcement products that improve safety and survivability including shields, clipboards and protective panels.

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Integrated technology Systems picks up Hardwire Armor Products

Hardwire has a great history developing armor products for the military. ITS is now representing their law enforcement products including shields, clipboards and protective panels.


Light Wall™ takes three direct rounds and continues to function!

Local SWAT Team fires rounds at the Light Wall™ to test the products durability. It took a direct round to one emitter and continued to function on the other.


T5 Thermal® in the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce.

ITS and the T5 Thermal® are in the Chambering Magazine with a two page company and product profile.

Chamber Periodical


Don't leave your best protection at the door…Bring it inside with you!

-NTOA Ballistic Shield Article


Integrated Technology Systems brings to the market a new ballistic shield light that outshines the competition. Go to www.bclightwall.com for details.